I've been an amateur photographer since 1969. Today I am mainly interested in what could be described as street photography, but I don't feel myself restricted to that genre. I shoot with any kind of camera that fits my purpose, but I especially enjoy using my Nikon FM and F2 bodies for film photography, and my Leica Monochrom, Nikon D300, Fujifilm X100 and Panasonic Lumix LX3 for digital photography.

I was born 1950 in Västerås, Sweden, grew up in Malmö, where I during the 70's worked as a factory worker and as a sheet metal worker at Kockums shipyard. 1980 I moved to Falun where I studied early childhood education at the University College. In 1995 I was accepted as a doctoral student in Education at Uppsala University, getting my Ph.D. in 1999. Until my retirement in September 2015 I worked there as a senior lecturer. I live with my wife in Uppsala.