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SoFo is an acronym for South of Folkungagatan, an area in the district Södermalm in southern Stockholm. Formerly a working-class area, today the area has been gentrified and is in some circles considered to be very "hip". A variety of restaurants, cafes, small shops, record (vinyl) stores, vintage clothing, and more, give the area a special ambiance. The name SoFo was coined in the late 1990s by Per Holm, Fredrik Glejpner and Henrik Borggren who lacked a name for the area. Henrik Borggren, who had just returned home from New York, was the one who came up with the name proposal SoFo, inspired by the area name SoHo in Manhattan, which stands for South of Houston Street. SoFo is registered as a trademark at the Patent and Registration Office. The term is most often used by brokers and shop and restaurant owners in the area.

SOFO Karta.jpg

SoFo is bounded by: Folkungagatan – Erstagatan – Ringvägen – Götgatan

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