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Götgatan | Skanstull 2024-01-25
Åsögatan 140 | Stockholm POP 2024-01-27

17/1 -24

I've decided to use the Leica Monochrom (M9) for the SoFo project, primarily using the Summcron-M 35mm f/2 asph, and the Summaron-M 28mm f/5.6 asph. For some shots I'll probably also use the Leica M Super-Elmar 21mm f/3,4 asph, and the Elmar 5cm f/F3.5 collapsible lens from the 1930's. The plan is to stroll along every street in the area and shoot whatever catches my eye. I'm confident that a project theme eventually "will turn up" (as Mr. Micawber would say).

25/1 -24

This morning I started "shooting" at Götgatan/Skanstull. Walked north to Folkungagatan. Met a bearded guy who said he always looked good when photographed, so I took his picture. He'd lived in Södermalm since 2000. He told me that he "used to work in Gamla stan emptying trash cans. That was ok. I quite liked it; not hard work. I've got a hole in my shoe, so yesterday's slushy weather was really bad. Today it's better." After having said goodby to him, I walked along Kocksgatan; visited KameraStockholm, and shot every street crossing. After lunch I went to Fade Records (vinyl only) on Skånegatan. The guy running the shop told me he ran the business as a hobby project. In the 90's he ran a CD-store in Falun. In the evening I visited Pizza (800 grader slice shop) at Kocksgatan 3. Had a slice of pepperoni and two Menabrea lager beer, while doing people studies.

27/1 -24

Today was not a photo day. But, as I always carry the camera with me whenever I go outside, I managed to take some shots while I ran some errands in SoFo.

31/1 -24

January has come to an end, and today I left Stockholm. Before leaving SoFo for Sågmyra, I managed to do some more shooting, mainly on Åsögatan, the next parallel street from Kocksgatan. The temperature having been above zero for a couple of days meant that there was almost no snow or ice in the streets. Good. I strolled along taking shots, going into shops and talking to the people running them. The antiquarian bookshop Verklighetsflykt (Escape from reality) had a small but decent selection of photobooks for sale, and the Konst-ig (Art-ig = strange, weird) bookstore is a joy to visit. Stockholm POP Vintage Clothing is THE place for anyone who wishes to revive the styles of the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s. A stones through from Götgatan you'll find restaurant Bamboo Garden. Established in 1972 it is one of the oldest Chinese restaurants in Sweden.

7/2 -24

This afternoon I walked along Bondegatan, the streets close to Nytorget, Södermannagatan to to Gotlandsgatan, and down the stairs to Götgatan. After shooting on Bondegatan, I needed coffee so I went to Marley Café on Åsögatan. There I met Adea, a researcher at the Institute for Foreign Policy (Utrikespolitiska institutet), having coffee while tapping away on her laptop. When I took a shot outside restaurant Nytorget 6, one of the staff came out and said: "Come in and take his pickture. He's a model", pointing to another staff member. Instead I took a shot of all four of them. On Södermannagatan 44 I stopped outside The Salvation Army headquarters in Södermalm. Just as I was going to take a photo, a lady came out, and we started talking. She was a "soldier, and promptly invited me inside. So, I got a tour of the (huge) premises, and a lot of information about their social work in the area. Taking farewell of this nice lady, I proceeded to Gotlandsgatan. On the stairs down to Götgatan I chatted a bit with a guy who had a big cowboy hat on his head. Went back home along Folkungagatan. 

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