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Sawant Photography is focused on straight, documentary photography with no "artistic" pretensions whatsoever – just showing "reality" as it is. In digital post-processing I do NOT manipulate images. I use traditional darkroom methods, such as adjusting contrast, backlighting/shading, sensor dust retouching, etc.

I was born 1950 in Västerås, Sweden, and have been an amateur photographer since 1969. I grew up in Malmö, where I during the 70's worked as a factory worker and as a sheet metal worker at the Kockum's shipyard. In 1980 I moved to Falun where I studied Early Childhood Education at the University College. In 1995 I was accepted as a doctoral student in Education at Uppsala University, getting my Ph.D. in 1999. Until my retirement in September 2015 I worked there as a senior lecturer. I live with my wife in Sågmyra, Dalecarlia, Sweden. We also have a small apartment in SoFo, Stockholm.

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