STREET PHOTOGRAPHY | Williamsburg: The Hasidic Jewish Community

In October 2017 my wife and I visited New York over an extended weekend. On the Friday we walked over the Brooklyn bridge, and proceeded north towards Williamsburg. Once there, when turning left from Williamsburg Street into Whyte Avenue, we also stepped into another world. All of a sudden we were surrounded by men and women all dressed in black, the men also sporting hipster beards. While most men wore hats hipster style, some older guys wore hats resembling gigantic chocolate cakes. The women's dress code was strict, reminding me of my childhood in the1950's. Young boys, also dressed in black, had strange haircuts. They looked like they were errand boys from Gringotts bank. (These observations obviously are from a non religious persons perspective.)

Unknowingly we had entered the Williamsburg Hasidic Community. In 2017 Ofir Barak published an excellent photobook, Mea Shearim – The Streets, examining the life of ultra orthodox jews in Jerusalem.