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The SIVIA Project Continues

Entrance to the square from Vaksalagatan

Four years ago I started documenting the SIVIA Square building in central Uppsala. At that time the plans were to renovate the building complex, built in the 1960's, including 122 apartments and a lot of business premises. Early in the summer last year, new owners informed the tenants that they had scrapped the renovation plans, and that the whole complex was to be demolished. Yesterday I learned that the last remaining business had moved to new premises in December last year. Today I went and took some new photos of SIVIA Square. More to follow.

The back, facing the railway
Can you spot the vodka bottle?
The square
Stairwell entrance
"Shithole place"

#Uppsala #SIVIA_Square #SIVIA_torg #architecture #monochrome #black_and_white

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