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Minus 6 and Sunny Skies

Wonderful weather today. Clear skies and minus 6 centigrade. Went out for a walk with L at noon. As usual, she had to have patience with me, as I often stopped to take a shot.

Images shot with the Nikkor-H Auto 28mm f=3.5 (prod. 1971).

Yellow Car | at the old wool mill
Outlet from the hydro elctric power plant
Hydro electric power plant
Into the woods
Blue Tarpaulin | former place for preparing wool rags
Former place for preparing wool rags
Obsolete warning sign ("railway and overhead cranes")
Bathing area | Lake Årbo
Daisy Duck visiting friends | Sågmyraån
View from Bengtsgårdsvägen
Our house (at the bottom of the hill) | Bengtsgårdsvägen

#Sågmyra #winter #vintage_lenses #Nikkor #landscape #architecture

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