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First City Center Walk Since Mid-March: Random Shots

Sysslomansgatan: Palermo lost the alcohol license – now being renovated
Skolgatan: support your local "fika" place
Skolgatan: youth activites arranged by Uppsala municipality during summer holidays
Svartbäcksgatan: the Youth House – no place for old men (70+) during the pandemic
Dragarbrunnsgatan: new restaurant in town, opening soon
Dragarbrunnsgatan: new Vietnamese restaurant where Martina delicatessen where used to be
S:t Ologsgatan: buying buns at Triller café & bakery
Vaksala torg: the Sverre building
Hjalmar Brantingsgatan: construction worker at the Sverre buildning

#Uppsala #Sverre_building #summer #walking #color

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