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Corona Automobile Hunting XII: Blue Beauty

While doing my daily Corona walk, I'm hunting for rare or otherwise photogenic species of Automobiles. Coupén and Fiat Barchetta probably shared the same baseplate as a standard Fiat – e.g. Fiat Bravo or Lancia Delta II – and also had many mechanical parts in common, e.g. the motor, a 1,8 L 4c (a really good motor that was used in many models from Fiat, Lancia, and Alfa Romeo). Later the 5c was introduced as the 4 valve technique

was commonly implemented in all models of cars in the 90's. The Coupé and the Barchetta were designed by Fiat Centro Stile that beat Pininfarina when Fiat decided on which design to use. Chris Bangle at Centro Stile was primarily responsible for the Coupé's design. The Coupé and the Barchetta was designed by Centro Stile and both are products of the 90's. Prizes are rising for these cars, and they are selling fast.

For you: Urban Cars by Douglas Ljungkvist.

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