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Classic Lens on the Monochrom

Pressbyrån (News agent), Stora torget

Today I took some shots with a classic Leitz Elmar f=5 cm 1:3.5, made in 1937 (a short video about this lens here). I bought it a couple of years ago from Red Dot Cameras in London for £216. The price included an adaptor – from the original screw mount, to the Leica M mount. Still, 83 years later, this lens performs very well indeed. It is sharp, but lacks a bit of contrast. The lens has no aperture ring; the aperture is set by moving a tiny piece of metal placed on the rim of the front element. A bit fiddly, but one gets used to it.

Botvidsgatan (view towards the Sverre building)
ICA Nära | Vretgränd/Kungsängsgatan
Regionens hus | Storgatan

#Uppsala #vintage_lenses #Leitz #Elmar #street #monochrome #black_and_white

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