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Another Classic Lens on the Z6

My first SLR camera was a Nikkormat, with the then standard 50mm lens, bought in 1969. Two years later I bought another lens, the Micro-Nikkor-P Auto 55mm f=3.5, introduced in 1963. My lens was made in 1971; it's all metal and glass, no plastic anywhere, all manual. Closest focusing distance is 0.241 meters. Thanks to the mirrorless Nikon Z6 + the FTZ (F-mount To Z-mount) adaptor, one can mount (almost) any F-lens on to the camera. Nikon claims that pre-AI lenses are not compatible with the adaptor, but I have not encountered any problems using the Micro-Nikkor. So, today's photo diary images are shot through a truly classic Nikon lens.

The Sverre building | Vaksala torg
Entrance to SIVIA Square | Vaksalagatan

Workers from Uppsala Water & Waste Ltd | Hjalmar Brantingsgatan

Freshmen starting their studies in Uppsala

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