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Brief Encounters: Reykjavik Street Portraits

1. The Pentax K1000 girl from Washington

2. The young artist from Reykjavik.

3. The Canon F1 guy from Los Angeles.

4. The thesis writer from New York.

5. The guy from Latvia.

6. The guy from Croatia.

7. The girl at Reykjavik Roasters at Ásmundarsalur Art Museum.

8. The Fish and Chips guy at the Reykjavik Fish Restaurant on Frakkastigur.

9. The young lady at the Marshallhúsið Art Center.

10. The young lady at the Kaldi Bar/Café.

11. The young ladies at the Grillhúsið Restaurant.

12. The young lady managing the Vöffluvagninn by Hallgrímskirkja .

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