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Mini Vacation in Stockholm

This weekend L and I had a mini vacation in Stockholm.

Friday 09: At 14:10 we were supposed to go to Stockholm by train, but due to some technical problems, all trains north of Stockholm were cancelled. So we had to take the Volvo and drive instead. Heavy traffic. Found a parking space close to the hotel (Glashuset), checked in, and went out for an early evening walk. Misty and damp weather, but not really bad. At seven we went to Bar Agrikultur for dinner. Walked back to the hotel, had a beer in the bar, and then it was bed time.

Distance covered (as measured by the iPhone): 9,3 kilometers

Saturday 10: After breakfast we walked through the Skinnarviksberget area in Södermalm. Spectacular views over Central Stockholm. Then to Slussen and Götgatan into the Katarina-Sofia area. There are lots of nice shops in this area, and I visited the Konst-ig arts bookshop. Bought Non Grata by Åke Ericson, and a massive volume of Masahisa Fukase's lifelong work. In the evening we had dinner with Young E's maternal grandparents, and the we all went to the musical Ghost at the China Theatre. Nice day.

Distance covered (as measured by the iPhone): 9,3 kilometers

Sunday 11: Had breakfast together with Young E's maternal grandparents. Took farewell of them, and went for a walk to Fotografiska. Watched the exhibitions, had a coffee at the café, and then walked to Assessorsgatan fwhere our car was parked. Said hello to Young E and his parents, and drove back to Uppsala.

Distance covered (as measured by the iPhone): 8,8 kilometers

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