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Christmas Time is ON

Continuing work on the DVDs. Saving a LOT of storing space by removing discs from original covers. At half eleven I drove to Uppsala Motor and got the wheel bolts retightened after the switch from summer to winter tires. Then off to Babyproffsen at Boland City, where I bough a baby gate to mount at the staircase in Uppsala. Off to BAUHAUS where Christmas time definitely was set to ON mode. On the way back home, I stopped by the Vattenfall district heating plant to take some photographs. Just love these buildings. Delivered stuff at the Red Cross store. Back home, after parking the car, I went to Arrenius & company for a coffee. The place was crammed with a steady stream of customers, several taking the opportunity to buy Christmas presents – gift bags containing coffee beans, high quality teas, hand made chocolate truffles, all kinds of liquorice etc. After lunch I continued the DVD-spreadsheet, finishing it early evening. Now every title has a unique reference number, and is searchable by original title, Swedish title, production country, director, release year, and actors.

Distance covered (as measured by the iPhone): 3,7 kilometers

#Uppsala #Arrenius #street #Christmas #architecture

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