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Weekend Works

Thursday 1: Terror on Hjalmar Brantingsgatan = the Leaf Blower Man in action all morning. Cleaned the bathroom; vacuumed the apartment. L and I drove to Sågmyra in the afternoon. Watched the first two episodes of Bodyguard in the evening.

Friday 2: Continued getting rid of old stuff. Sorted out things to give to the Red Cross shop in Uppsala, and stuff to be recycled. I began taking the Sågmyra DVDs out of their original folders, putting them in thin paper envelopes, and filing them as posts in a spreadsheet for reference. Two episodes of Bodyguard in the evening.

Saturday 3: Misty day all day. A week from now, Big E and Young E will come to Sågmyra helping me to renovate the hallway. I started removing things from the hallway walls, and other preparations for the upcoming works to be done. Finished filing the DVDs. Episodes 5 & 6 of Bodyguard.

Sunday 4: Sunny day today. Putting away stuff to keep, storing it in the garden sheds. Cleaning the upstairs windows. Cleaning the bathroom, vacuuming the house. Drove back to Uppsala late afternoon. Finished Bodyguard.

Distance covered (as measured by the iPhone): 10,6 kilometers

#Uppsala #Sågmyra #mist #indoors

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