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Manual Shooting Day

Errands day today.

  1. Recycling station: Getting rid of three bags of empty DVD cases (discs now stored in thin paper envelopes). Good riddance.

  2. Boland City: Looking for a baby gate to mount at the staircase in our cottage in Sågmyra. Not in stock. Bad.

  3. IKEA: Bought a KOLON floor protection, and a set of SOCKERKAKA (sponge cake) silicone baking tins. As always at IKEA, you'll do a lot of walking for very little shopping outcome. Christmas decorations (?) on display. Feeling a bit beat up..

  4. Uppsala Färg (paint shop): Wall filler, filler tool, primer, wall paint (color tint: "eggshell), white paint for woodwork, masking tape, paint roller, grinding tool.

  5. Arrenius & company: Coffee beans.

  6. Yll & Tyll (yarn shop): Circular knitting needle for L.

  7. Systembolaget (liquor store): Ordered two bottles of port (for Christmas), and bought five different brands of porter/stout (to test before Christmas; enjoying one or two just now).

  8. ICA Kvarnen (grocery store): Shopping ingredients for today's vegetarian dinner.

While running errands, I photographed in fully manual mode; usually I use auto ISO and/or auto shutter speed. It was fun, just like the "good old days" of shooting film. Two episodes of Ozark in the evening.

Distance covered (as measured by the iPhone): 5,1 kilometers

#Uppsala #street

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