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Baby-sitting again

Today it was time for baby-sitting in Stocholm again. Met up with Young E and his dad at lunchtime. When E had finished his lunch, we went out for a walk. Big E had a business appointment between two and three o'clock, and when we parted Young E fell asleep in the stroller. 40 minutes later he woke up. We went to the playground in Rosenlundsparken, where Young E conducted intensive studies of how pre-school children behaved in the sandbox. Daddy fetched E a quarter past three. Big E bought a coffee and a sandwich, and sat down at Mariatorget to have a snack witg Young E. I said goodbye, and went through the Old Town – having dinner there – to the Central Station and the train back to Uppsala. At a quarter past six, L and I drove to Sågmyra for the weekend.

Distance covered (as measured by the iPhone): 9,1 kilometer

#Stockholm #YoungE #babysitting

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