• Finn Calander

An Ordinary Day in Uppsala

Nothing much happening today. Stayed home reading in the morning. Early afternoon I went out for a coffee at Arrenius & company, before shopping bread at the Forsa Bakery, and groceries at ICA Torgkassen. At Arrenius, a newly employed barista, C, was working behind the counter. She made me a nice brew. I had brought some prints for Anders (the proprietor), and we had a chat about photography among other things. On my way to Arrenius, I stopped to watch ongoing construction works. Chatted a bit with a guy working an asphalt truck, and took a photograph of him while he took a short break to have a coffee. In the evening L and I saw the first episode of Ozark on Netflix.

Distance covered (as measured by the iPhone): 5,3 kilometers

#Uppsala #Arrenius #street

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