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Peter-No-Tail & King Lear

Just before noon today, Young E arrived with his dad here in Uppsala. After lunch at Güntherska and two take-away coffees at Arrenius & company, we went to the Peter-No-Tail's playground in Engelska parken. Grandma took a break from work and joined us. Young E was delighted – he went into the small houses, visited Råttströms konditori (Ratstream's pastry shop), shook the bars of Tusse Baton's jail, and tried out many other places. He's now one day short of the full year, and is almost walking by himself. After an hour in the park, he was tired and soon fell asleep in the stroller as dad and I went for a walk. Met up with grandma at the train to Stockholm. E and daddy going home, and L and I going to Bio Rio för a filmed National Theatre version of King Lear with Ian McKellen as Lear and Sinéad Cusack as Kent. Anita-Joy Uwajeh as Cordelia and James Corrigan as Edmund the villain. Great performance indeed. Back home in Uppsala at midnight.

Distance covered (as measured by the iPhone): 12,3 kilometers

#Uppsala #YoungE #theatre #cinema #Stockholm

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