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Party Time in Tobo

Saturday 13 – Sunday 14: Ten years ago, L and I went to a party in Tobo, celebrating our friend EJ's 50th birthday. As times fly faster nowadays, this Saturday we went to Tobo once again, this time to celebrate EJ's 60th anniversary. Between these two occasions, EJ has gone from amateur to professional artist. She has been accepted as a member of Uppsala konstnärsklubb (Artist Association), and has, among other things, been exhibited at Liljevalchs spring exhibition (to EJ's web site). While L and I were in Tobo, our son was at a party here in Uppsala, so he slept over. We had breakfast together on Sunday morning before he went back home to Stockholm. L and I went to the gym, did some shopping, and then spent a quiet afternoon and evening at home.

Distance covered (as measured by the iPhone): 8,1 kilometers

#Tobo #party #birthday

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