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Random Shooting Day

Feels like I'm getting a cold. Took a rather leisurely stroll into the city, shooting whatever took my fancy:

  1. The Jewel building. Construction works are ongoing; the premise planned to open in late May next year. The facade that until recently has had a rather unpleasing beige color, has now got a finishing touch of gold paint. Very pleasing, especially when the sun shines (Shine on You Crazy Diamond).

  2. The SIVIA buildings block. This concrete block, build in the late sixties and early seventies, was planned to be rebuilt and renovated a couple of years ago, but plans have changed. Now construction works are to be initiated next year. In 2015 I started a project, shooting in SIVIA, to document the old seventies style architecture. When I revisited SIVIA today, I noticed that a lot of business premises are empty now – a clear sign that building works are soon to begin. A young lady, a tenant in the neighborhood, told me that tenants had gotten an letter from the housing company informing them of plans, and that several tenants had chosen to move. (To the SIVIA project.)

  3. The Röda Rummet (The Red Room) second-hand bookshop. This is one of the top three bookshops in Uppsala. Today I went in to check out the photography section, and to enjoy the aroma of the thousands of books sitting on the many shelves in the store. Nothing new had arrived since my latest visit, so no buy today (L will be pleased).

  4. Arrenius & company. A nice cup of coffee at Arrenius & co, is never wrong. Chatted with barista Anders and customers. Was treated to a cup of jasmine tea. Quite tasty.

  5. Bought a bread at Gühnterska butiken på hörnet (the store at the corner), and went home.

Distance covered (as measured by the iPhone): 7,7 kilometers

#Uppsala #street #SIVIA #architecture #bookshop #Sverrebuilding

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