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Team G & G Goes to Town

At noon L and I took the train to Stockholm, where we met Young E (celebrating his first birthday in 11 days) and his dad. Big E and mother M were meeting up with friends, leaving Young E in the care of Team G & G (grandma and grandpa), for a "baby-free" afternoon and evening. L and I went for a walk with E, who promptly fell asleep in the stroller for his afternoon nap (one hour and twenty minutes today). He awoke as we were walking on the walkway along Årstaviken. Sat down on a bench, watching people, dogs (on the walkway) and the occasional boat (on the water) passing by, while Young E had a snack. Back home it was playtime, then dinner, playtime, reading time, time for putting on a pyjamas (not so popular) and brushing of teeth (six). E fell asleep in the company of Team G & G, but awoke after an hour refusing to go to sleep again. So, it was playtime again until dad arrived home at half past ten. Mission accomplished. L and I were back in Uppsala at midnight.

Distance covered (as measured by the iPhone): 9,9 kilometers

#Stockholm #YoungE #babysitting

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