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Sleep Walking in Stockholm

Drove to Stockholm in the morning, to baby-sit young E while his father attended to a business meeting. Served lunch, said goodbye to dad, played a bit, changed the diaper, and then we went out to the playgrounds in Rosenlundsparken. Young E likes to feel the gravel so that's what he did, sitting beside the slide. Soon he felt tired, so I put him in the stroller where he went to sleep within ten minutes. Lovely weather today – 14 degrees Centigrade, bright sun, a bit windy. While E slept I walked along Årstaviken, from Årstabroarna to Skanstullsbron and back again. At five minutes past three, E awoke just outside the entrance to his home. Back inside the apartment E had a snack. Played a bit, read a bit, and the daddy returned home. Heavy traffic out of Stockholm – back in Uppsala at half past five.

Distance covered (as measured by the iPhone): 9,0 kilometers

#Stockholm #street #YoungE #babysitting

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