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Baby-sitting Days

Friday 14 – Wednesday 19 I did a lot of baby-sitting in Stockholm. Young E is now eleven months old, and a very pleasant person to be together with.

Friday 14: Left Uppsala at nine am. After baby-sitting, Young E, his dad and I visited Fotografiska and the Tunbjörk exhibition. Great stuff! Don't miss!

Saturday 15: L and I went to Stockholm in the morning to visit the New Materialism exhibition at Bonniers Konsthall. Interesting. Late afternoon we went to baby-sit Young E in his home while his parents went to a friend's birthday party. Back in Uppsala at midnight.

Sunday 16: No baby-sitting today, so after breakfast L and I drove to Sågmyra to pick apples. Back to Uppsala in the afternoon. At the same time Young E's dad went off to san Francisco for a business meeting.

Monday 17: Took the 06:24 train to Stockholms Södra, where Young E and his mom met up with me at the platform. Mom went of to work, and Young E and I went home. We played, "read" picture books, had some snacks, went out for long walks (I walked, E mostly slept in the stroller), had lunch, etc. until mom returned home in the evening. I slept over.

Tuseday 18: At six am Young E came over to my bedroom, while his mom fixed porridge. Had breakfast, and around a quarter past seven we said goodby to mom who went off to work. Monday's routines were copied until mom returned home early, just after lunch. I said goodby, and went off for lunch and a couple of beers at Kalf & Hansen at Mariatorget. Highly recommended! Visited the Lennart Nilsson exhibition at Galleri Kontrast. Don't miss! Had a beer at the 19 Glas Bar in Old Town, before taking the 16:10 train to Uppsala.

Wednesday 19: On the 06:24 train to Stockholms Södra again. Same procedure as on the Monday, with the exception that "aunt" K joined us at ten in the morning. Very nice. In the afternoon we went to Fotografiska and the Tunbjörk exhibition. Young E seemed to enjoy looking at the colorful photographs. Afterwards we (K and I) had coffee and a bun in the café. E had a banana and some sort of puree. Mom arrived home at six. Dad was on his way home, so K and I said goodbye, leaving them to receive a jet-lagged daddy home.

Distance covered during the period (as measured by the iPhone): 60,3 kilometers

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