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Election Weekend

Friday 7 September: Made a last visit to the parties' election cabins at Stora torg, before going to the grocery store at the Kvarnen shopping mall. Whel L got home from work, we drove to Sågmyra. Watched the last TV debate between Prime Minister Stefan Löfven and Ulf Kristersson, the Moderates' party leader.

Saturday 8 September: L and I started sorting out all the books and magazine binders on the bedroom bookshelves. Heap upon heap of books, clippings, comics, and a lot of dust. When the bookshelves were emptied, a thorough housecleaning began. Afterwards, in the company of a nice bottle of Sardinian red wine on the porch, books were sorted into three categories – keepers, to the Red Cross store, through aways.

Sunday 9 September: Election day. After breakfast we went for a walk, before packing the car, and returning to Uppsala to vote. Voted. Had dinner. Watched the election reporting on Swedish Television.

The bad news: 1) it's going to be hard getting a government in place, 2) there's a risk that the racist and fascist Sweden Democrats will set the political agenda.

The good news: 1) the Sweden Democrats got bigger (17–18%), but far from their expectations (20–30%),

2) The Sweden Democrats are still the third biggest party, but their aim at becoming at least the second biggest was thwarted, 3) the Social Democrats' result (28–29%) was much better than the forecasts had indicated, 3) even though the Greens faced a serious decline (4–4.5%), they did not fall out of the parliament, and 4) The Left party did a good result (8%).

Distance covered during the weekend (as measured by the iPhone): 9,0 kilometers

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