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  • Finn Calander

Election Temperature Rising ...

1. Breakfast.

2. Image processing.

3. Writing diary posts.

4. Shopping (screws & plugs at Clas Ohlsson, bread at Forsa Home Bakery).

5. Coffee (a cup) & beans at Arrenius & company.

6. Lunch/dinner.

7. L came home.

8. Mounting a large print (S:t Helena 2010) above the TV in the living room (thus the need for screws & plugs).

9. Coffee.

10. Party leader debate on TV4 Play.

11. Good night.

Election day on Sunday – will the fascist/racist Sweden Democrats party rise to power in the parliament, that's the big question?

Distance covered (as measured by the iPhone): 3,5 kilometers

#Uppsala #election #street #Arrenius #Forsa

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