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  • Finn Calander

Save Ungdomens Hus!

The gym in the morning. In the late afternoon I passed Stora torg on my way to the manifestation in support of the Ungdomens hus association, and the renovation of the Youth House Building at Svartbäcksgatan. At Stora torg party leader Jan Björklund (The Liberals) was talking with people, answering questions, an then gave a speech, explaining the party policy on various issues. I was very pleased to hear Björklund being adamant in denouncing the right-wing nationalist Sweden Democrats party. After listening to Björklund, I proceeded 100 meters to Celsiustorget where the Ungdomens hus manifestation was to begin at five o'clock. There were three short speeches, before Peter Gustavsson, chairman of the Cultural Affairs Committee in Uppsala, gave a speech in support of the Ungdomens hus association. His personal view was that the building housing the association since 1984, should be thoroughly renovated so that the Ungdomens hus association should continue to run its activities there in the future. During the manifestation flyers were distributed to listeners and people passing by.

Distance covered (as measured by the iPhone): 6,7 kilometers

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