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A Medical Appointment, White Chairs & Election Symbolism

In the morning I had a medical appointment, following up the different tests that have been done to find out if there was something wrong with my adrenal glands. Good news – everything is within the the limits of the normal. All I have to do is to take my prescribed pills daily, to keep the pressure at approximately 130/70. Walking through the hospitable grounds towards home, I noticed a white, plastic garden chair standing by itself in a nook outside a doorway. Took a shot and went on. But now I began to see the same kind of white plastic chairs in other places as well. So I made "White Chairs" into a mini project today. Otherwise, I passed a kind of two-dimensional "mannequins" supposed to propagate for the (New) Moderate Party. However, many of them had fallen (or had been pushed) to the ground. As the Moderates hasen't done so well in the latest polls, this can be seen as a symbol or an omen.

Distance covered during the weekend (as measured by the iPhone): 9,8 kilometers

#Uppsala #health #election #architecture

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