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Baby Swim & Baby-sitting

After breakfast I drove to the Crimson photo lab to fetch a large print I had ordered a couple of weeks ago. Then to Assessorsgatan where I parked the Volvo and was lucky to run into Young E who was on his way to the baby swim at Gullmarsplan (Big E pushing the stroller). I went with them and watched Young E "swimming" and "diving". Afterwards we went to the Haga Bakery nearby for lunch. After lunch it was time for Young E to take a nap, so while he slept in the stroller, Big E and I walked into the city centre where Big E had a business meeting to attend to. During the meeting I and Young E (who had woken up) spent an hour and a half at the Humlegårdens playgrounds. Young E felt the sand in the sandbox with is hands (also tasting it), tried eating pebbles when I was looking away for a couple of seconds, and studied the activities of older kids. Back in Uppsala I just went out to buy groceries at ICA Torgkassen in the Kvarnen shopping mall at Vaksala torg.

Distance covered during the weekend (as measured by the iPhone): 11,1 kilometers

#Uppsala #Stockholm #babysitting #YoungE

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