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  • Finn Calander

A Visit to the Dark Side

Morning at the gym. Then out for a walk doing some errands. Passed Stora torg, where the different parties' election cabins are. Lots of youngsters around, informing themselves on party policies. Suddenly there was trouble at the SD (Sweden Democrats') cabin.*) It seemed as there had been heated feelings between party representatives and a young man, leading to physical violence of some kind. Nothing serious, though, but the police was summoned, and began taking testimonies from witnesses. Spent most of the afternoon at Stora torg, talking to people, discussing political matters. I also took some shots. On my back home I could see that the beautiful rowan trees in the front yard of the Sverre building, had been felled.

*) Note to my non Swedish friends: SD is a racist and fascist party, with nazi roots.

Distance covered (as measured by the iPhone): 4,9 kilometers

#Uppsala #street #election #Sverrebuilding

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