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Shooting Willy-Nilly Today

This morning, the gym. In the afternoon, a stroll through the city, shooting whatever took my fancy. Summer semester is over, kids are back in school. Lots of them had gathered at Stora torg, getting information on party policies up front of the forthcoming election. Made a short visit to Arrenius & company coffee bar, and Röda rummet second-hand bookshop. On my way back home I passed three Jehovah's Witnesses at Vaksala torg. "How has life come to be" that's the question? Well, if they can give a researchable answer to that question, they'd get a Nobel prize for sure. In the evening L made us a tasty vegetarian dinner, and then we watched episode 7 of the HBO series Sharp Objects.

Distance covered (as measured by the iPhone): 5,0 kilometers

#Uppsala #Arrenius #Rödarummet #election

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