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A Day in Stockholm

1) L and I met up with "aunt K" at Stockholm Central Station at eleven am. We took the metro to Liljeholmen and walked to Färgfabriken Café, where we met Young E and his parents for brunch.

2) L, K and I followed Young E and his mother M along Årstaviken, ending up at their apartment.

3) At three o'clock, L, K and I took a leisurely walk through the city, to The Flying Elk restaurant in the Old Town. A couple of beers and dinner.

4) After dinner, we strolled around in the Old Town for a while, before going to (my favourite place) the 19 Glas Bar. Beer and gin.

5) A quarter past nine we went to the Royal Palace to watch the Circus Cirkör water show Aquanauts. When we arrived the place was crowded, so I didn't see much of it. L and K had better luck though, so it was ok.

6) Walked back to the Central Station and took the 23:10 train to Uppsala.

Distance covered (as measured by the iPhone): 15,4 kilometers

#street #Stockholm #architecture

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