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Baby Sitting and Urban Cars

Went to Stockholm to babysit Young E while his dad, Big E, went to a meeting. Met up with them at the Central Station at eleven. We went for a walk, and had lunch at Johan & Nyström before we went to Humlegården. There Young E fell asleep in his stroller. When he awoke 45 minutes later, he and I strolled around watching all the kids playing in the parklek (staff attended playgrounds). Young E studied how to use slides, swings etc. and how to make sand cakes. Very interesting. Big E returned shortly after three o'clock, and we took the metro back home to fetch bathing gear, and then down to Årstaviken where Big E had a swim. After saying goodbye to the two E's, I walked to Söders Café on Åsögatan for a coffee and a brownie, before going to a photo book release at the Konst-ig bookstore. There New York based Swedish photographer Douglas Ljungkvist signed his photo book Urban Cars – Brooklyn, the result of a ten year long photo project. Of course I bought a signed copy of this beautiful book. Then a walk to the Central Station and the train back to Uppsala.

Distance covered (as measured by the iPhone): 13,9 kilometers

#street #Stockholm #Uppsala #bookshop

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