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Best Coffee in Uppsala

Today it was still about 30 degrees centigrade. In the afternoon I took a leisurely walk through the city, to Arrenius & company for a nice cup of coffee. Moa behind the counter recommended a brew of Kenyan beans. Very good indeed on a hot day like this. Light, fruity and tasty. Chatted with Moa and som costumers, before going back home via the (Uppsala) English bookshop, where I ordered three more novels by Ivan Vladislavić. Great author, indeed. I'm just finishing The Restless Supermarket, one of the funniest and intriguing novel I've ever read. Oh, nearly forgot, you get the best coffee in Uppsala (possibly the best outside of Italy) at Arrenius & co.

Total distance covered today (as measured by the iPhone): 2,5 kilometers (too hot to walk far)

#Uppsala #Arrenius

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