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Street Shooting in Tuscany

Friday 1–Sunday 10:The Leica M Monochrom Photo Diary is still on hold during the vacation season. Instead I'll post other things on the blog. This time it's about street shots taken during a a ten day stay in Cortona, Tuscany. On arriving and leaving Italy, I had a couple of hours to do some street shooting, mainly in Florence. My focus was on tourists doing "the Florence Tour" as it were, but I also shot some other stuff. My camera on this trip was the Fujifilm X100 (first generation). I like tis camera. Its sure has got some quirks, but shooting it in P-mode, auto ISO, and manual focus, is ok. The camera is light, unobtrusive and dead silent. Image quality is more than good enough for my kind of photography.

Total distance covered during the Italian stay (as measured by the iPhone): 69,1 kilometers

#vacation #street #Florence #Cortona #Italy

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