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Summer in the City

Monday 28 – Tuesday 29: Monday – nothing much to tell. Drove back to Uppsala after breakfast, and in the evening L and I worked out at the gym. No photos! A shame. Today, Tuesday, I met up with L at Gustavianum to give her a pair of glasses she had forgotten at home when she left for work. Several different groups of young preschool and school kids, were assembling at the square outside the cathedral. Some were to visit Gustavianum, some the cathedral, and others were going on a guided tour in the paw steps of Peter-No-Tail. After leaving L I went to Arrenius & company for a cup of coffee. As always, nice place. Met a former colleague – retired – and we had a chat. Back home I began assembling clothes and other stuff to pack for an upcoming trip to Italy. Charging camera batteries, formatting SD cards ... Summer days in the city. People are enjoying the sun and the heat, after the looong winter.

Distance covered (as measured by the iPhone): 3,4 kilometers

#Uppsala #Arrenius #street

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