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  • Finn Calander

Djungle-Jim at Large

Saturday 26 – Sunday 27: Slept late Saturday morning (party, party, Friday evening). At noon L drove us to Sågmyra. The garden was overgrown by all kinds of weed, so on Sunday I acted Djungle-Jim and started up the Klippo lawn mower. Kept it running for just over two hours = weed (temporarely) annihilated. L weeded the flowerbeds and fought with our ill-natured Rosa helenae – its thorns are deadly weapons. One upside was that I didn't have to mow the ditches between our house and the road, as the cable company had dug them up, and placed fiber cable for an upcoming Internet connection. They had also placed a conduit for the connection to our house. Sunday evening we took a walk along the Sågmyra stream, and on our return L cut rhubarb stalks and made us a tasty pie.

Distance covered (as measured by the iPhone): 4,1 kilometers (not counting the Djungle-Jim mowing excercise)


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