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Sticky Fingers

Hot day today. Bright sunshine, 30 degrees Centigrade. Took a short walk into the city to do some shopping. Passed the demolition/construction site just behind the Tiunda Crown Court building. The doors were open, so I stepped inside. Beautiful building indeed. At four L and I went to Stockholm to babysit young E while his parents were attending a coffee course at Johan & Nyström coffee roasters. Met up with the father, big E, at work in the city centre. Had a beautiful view over Stockholm from the Spotify HQ roof terrace. Parted with big E and mother M outside Johan & Nyström, and walked home with young E. After about 10 minutes, loud screaming. Eventually he fell asleep. At home he waked up, and was hungry = loud screaming until porridge + grated pear was ready. Eating was ok, and getting rather sticky was no problem. Tired after eating, loud screaming, falling asleep. Great fun to babysit, and getting to know his personality. At ten pm we took the train back home to Uppsala.

Distance covered (as measured by the iPhone): 13,4 kilometers

#spring #Uppsala #street

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