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Looking at too Many Petersen Photos (?)

Sågmyra. Three tasks today: 1) mow the lawn (check), 2) remove insulation between doors leading from the bedroom to the porch (check), 3) check the condition of our tent (check). L did some gardening work, pruning our rose bushes, weeding the peony flowerbeds, and some other stuff. Coffee on the porch; reading. I (re)read two photo books by Anders Petersen – Du mich auch, and frenchkiss – and got inspired/affected, or became a copycat of sorts. Salmon with roasted root vegetables for dinner. The evening spent listening to and watching the second semifinal of the Eurovision Song Contest, and voting (I got seven right out of ten).

Distance covered (as measured by the iPhone): 0,16 kilometers (I didn't have the phone on me while doing my chores)

#Sågmyra #spring #gardening

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