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I Just Checked in to See what Condition My Condition was in ...

Left the apartment at 7.15 am, and walked to Akademiska (hospitable) where I had an appointment at 8. First to have an ECG-examination done, and then to have my blood pressure taken. After that, I was to meet Dr K for an evaluation of the results, including Monday's ultrasonography of the kidneys. Everything was just tickety-boo: blood pressure 120/70, ECG even sinus wave, resting heart rate 58, and kidneys' vascular system in topnotch condition. Now it's just one more examination to undergo, the computer tomography of the adrenal glands. Beautiful weather. 20 degrees Centigrade, Blue sky, cotton wool clouds, sun. Strolled back home. Had a late breakfast. Read the papers. When L got home from work, we drove off to Sågmyra to spend another long weekend there.

Distance covered (as measured by the iPhone): 4,5 kilometers

#Uppsala #health

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