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Ultrasonography, Snot, and No Beer

Ten minutes to nine am, I was sitting in the waiting area of the Vascular Clinic at Akademiska (hospitable). At nine o'clock sharp, a physician called me, and I was shown into an examination room. Took of my T-shirt, and laid down on a gurney. Then commenced an ultrasound examination of my kidneys' vascular status. Duration, one hour and five minutes. On and off the machine sounded like R2D2. Anyway, everything that was supposed to be inside of me seemed to be in place, and nothing that shouldn't be there was found (closer analysis pending). Still got a cold, so I went straight back home afterwards, and stayed indoors the rest of the day. I should have met friend J for a beer or two at the Picnic bar this afternoon, but I had to cancel. No beer(s) for me today. Sad!

Distance covered (as measured by the iPhone): 4,7 kilometers

#Uppsala #health

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