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Snivelling Days

Saturday 5 – Sunday 6: I got a cold yesterday. Bad, as young E with parents were visiting us on Saturday. My sister in law, K, and L prepared a picnic to celebrate M's 30th birthday, big E and M had brought a blanket, and the picnic lunch was laid out on our backyard lawn. I had to keep my distance, though, and had to watch the festivities from the balcony. Back in the apartment, big E tried his problem solving skills on our computer, whilst young E had his lunch served in the kitchen. Late afternoon they left to go back to Stockholm, and K took an evening train back to Nyköping. On Sunday, very much the same minus young E, big E, M, and K. L enjoyed reading on the balcony, basking in the afternoon sun, while I (re)read some of my photo books.

Distance covered (as measured by the iPhone): 0,0 kilometers

#Uppsala #health

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