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Cold, Chilly, and a Great Birthday Dinner

Saturday 28 April – Tuesday 1 May: L god a severe cold, and wasn't feeling ok. Chilly outdoors. On Saturday I loaded the Volvo with all kinds of rubbish, and went with it to the recycling station in Bjursås. Back home it was time to vacuum the car interior. Watched Kodachrome on Netflix – an ok movie. Watched Doctor Strange on Netflix – a sh–t movie. Monday was my birthday, and L made us a great dinner:

  • Starter – black salsify glazed with whey butter, blackpudding made of reindeer blood, served with red currants.

  • Main course – fillet of cod with horseradish paste, potatoes with spring onions, and browned butter.

  • Dessert – mazarin cake with homemade ale (!) icecream, and whipped cream

  • Wine – a nice Côtes du Rhône.

Today we pruned our apple tree, and then we drove back to Uppsala. L still not well.

Distance covered (as measured by the iPhone): 2,8 kilometers

#Sågmyra #Falun

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