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Finally, He Nailed it!

Started early this morning, arriving at 07.45 am at Uppland's Motor to have the studded winter tires replaced by summer ditto. The guys working reminded me of mechanics at a Formula 1 depot. It didn't take them many minutes to accomplish the switch. Back home for breakfast, and after a break reading the papers, I went off to the gym. Today's main event, however, was a "nailing" reception at three o'clock at the Department of History here at Uppsala University. My colleague in arms and friend, Ola Winberg, has finished his Magnum Opus, and, as the tradition requires, he had nailed one copy to a wall in the University building, thus making it known that in three weeks time, he will defend his work in a public disputation. Apart from Ola's family, lots of colleagues and friends attended the reception, and celebrated together with Ola. Those who so wished, and many did, got a signed copy of Den statskloka resan: Adelns peregrinationer 1610–1680 (Abstract). Early evening, L and I drove to Sågmyra, where we will spent the long weekend.

Distance covered (as measured by the iPhone): 6,9 kilometers

#Uppsala #academy #university #research

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