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With Young E at Rosendal's Garden

The trains to Stockholm were cancelled due to repair works, trains replaced by highway buses. Late morning L and I boarded a bus, and went to meet up with young E (now six months old) and his parents for lunch at Rosendal's Garden. We walked from the Central Station, along Strandvägen embankment towards Djurgårdsbron. Sunny, but a bit chilly in the air. We were joined by our companions at the bridge, and proceeded through the park to Rosendal. A lot of people about. Had lunch. Young E enjoyed tasting different food stuff, but got tired after a while, needing a sleep. Walked back into the city and split up at Karlaplan. L and I walked back to the Central Station where the Uppsala-trains now were running again, not on schedule however, so we returned home in Uppsala 30 minutes late. Last episode of Shetland (season 3) in the evening.

Distance covered (as measured by the iPhone): 10,8 kilometers

#Stockholm #spring

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