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Preparations before Medical Examination

Monday 16 – Tuseday 17: At half seven am on Monday, still in Sågmyra since L wasn't feeling okay, I started a 24 hours long urin sampling, before my physical at Akademiska (The University Hospital) next week. So, for 24 hours I had to pee into a brown plastic "coffee" cup to pour the contents over into the container, which contains a small amount of hydrochloric acid. The rest of the morning was spent with coffee and a read (Munich by Robert Harris) on the porch. In the afternoon I left L, and headed back to Uppsala. At seven o'clock on Tuseday morning I brought the sample to Fålhagen's Health Center, where I supposedly also was going to get a blood sampling done. However, some samples could not be handled there, so, after leaving the brown container, I walked to Akademiska, entrance 70, to get the blood sampling done there. Six vials to be analyzed. 45 minutes later I walked back home again, bought freshly made bread at Forsa bakery on the way, and had breakfast – the first meal since 6.30 pm on Monday. Read the papers, and then went to the gym for a workout. Mid afternoon I returned to Sågmyra. L had called and told me that the freezer (33 years old) was drawing its last breath, so she had ordered a new one to be delivered on Friday, which means that I will drive L – who's feeling better – back to Uppsala tomorrow, and the I'll have to drive back to Sågmyra again on Friday morning, returning to Uppsala again in the evening. (This means driving 1000 kilometers (621 miles) this week.)

(Walking) distance covered (as measured by the iPhone): 9,4 kilometers

#Uppsala #health

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