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Books, a Coffee & a Special Container

After breakfast, I went to Fålhagen's Health center. Firstly I wanted to have an abscess on my shoulder looked after, and secondly I wanted to pick up a special urine sample container, as I have an appointment at Akademiska (Academy Hospitable) later on for a check up. Abscess taken care of by a nice nurse, but no container – out of stock. I was referred to Samariterhemmet Health Center, to try my luck there. Took a detour on the way, and visited The English bookshop to order two novels by Ivan Vladislavic (I really enjoyed reading Double Negative). Then a stop for a coffee at Arrenius & company. Nice place, great coffee, good company. Lastly I went to Samariterhemmet, where I finally got the container, and I could return home. Spent the afternoon image editing, and when L got home at five, we went to the gym for a workout.

Distance covered (as measured by the iPhone): 6,5 kilometers

#Uppsala #health #bookshop

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