• Finn Calander

Street Stories

Went to Stockholm late morning. Took a stroll through the Old Town to Fotografiska. Sunny but a bit chilly in the shadows. Visited the Hans Strand exhibition Manmade Land, and Anna Clarén's "slideshow" When Everything Changed – both well worth seeing and reflecting upon. After a coffee and an almond croissant (delicious) I walked the streets towards Assessorsgatan to see my grandchild young E (almost six months old now). Took a lot of pictures of people and things that caught my attention. Stories are everywhere to be found if you keep your eyes peeled. Met up with E and his parents and L who arrived soon after me. Took a walk with E sleeping in his pram. Which he did for 30 minutes, after that he was awake but still tired, so he cried loudly all the way back home. Eventually he fell asleep, and tranquility descended. L and I didn't get back to Uppsala until eleven pm.

Distance covered (as measured by the iPhone): 17,9 kilometers

#Stockholm #street #spring

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