• Finn Calander

Gym, Charity, Meatballs & Shorts

Sunny today, but chilly, chilly. At the gym in the morning, trying a couple of new exercises for the chest, upper arms, and midriff. Coffee. Around one pm I drove to the Red Cross store and gave them four bags containing books, comics, and some knick-knacks. Big store and quite a lot of customers moving about. Then to IKEA to buy a couple of flower pots for planting L's flowering shoots. Had lunch at the IKEA restaurant – a Swedish classic: meatballs with lingonberry jam, green peas, and mashed potatoes = SEK 49 (€ 4.75; $ 5.90; £ 4.15). In the evening L and I went to Slottsbiografen (The Castle Cinema) to watch five short films, from Iran, France, China, USA, and Japan. As always, a good way to spend an evening.

Distance covered (as measured by the iPhone): 6,0 kilometers

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