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  • Finn Calander

Crime Novel First, Crime Scene Later

Spent the morning at the gym, and most of the afternoon in my armchair finishing a crime novel. Late afternoon I took a walk to L:s workplace at the Segerstedt Building. On the way I took a closer look at the half sunken restaurant ship at Islandsfallet. Met up with L, and we made company home, stopping by Arrenius & company coffee shop, and a shoe store where L bought a pair of summer shoes. While we were walking there was a lot of police activity on the streets. When we got to Stora Torg, there was a crime scene cordon outside Pressbyrån (the newsagents) and police officers taking testimonies from witnesses. Apparently a young man had stabbed another youngster, but as of now no more information has been released. Evening: watching the latest episode of Homeland.

Distance covered (as measured by the iPhone): 5,2 kilometers

#university #Uppsala

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